Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

MBSE will become the “norm” for systems engineering execution, with specific focus placed on integrated modeling environments. These systems models go “beyond the boxes”, incorporating geometric, production and operational views. Integrated models reduce inconsistencies, enable automation and support early and continual verification by analysis. -  INCOSE SE Vision 2025

As an innovative country, Switzerland represents the perfect place to drive the establishment of MBSE practices among different industries. SSSE wants to promote the adoption of MBSE, and for this reason launches a knowledge-exchange initiative. The partecipation to such initiative is open to everybody who has an interest in the topic, at every level and background. To attend the meetings, please keep yourself updated by subscribing to the MBSE knowledge exchange initiative.

What has been discussed in the previous meetings? Find here below a summary.

  • 2019-10-02 - Why? How to introduce it? What to do?
  • 2020-01-08 - MBSE & Digital Engineering: allies or adversaries?
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