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  • Product Development

    Course Descriptions

    A good Definition and Conceptual Design, that take place at the very early stages of the product development, are known as major keys to success of new products. A systematic, step by step design method is proposed. Our method integrates, modifies and customizes a selection of techniques and tools to provide innovative, fast, efficient and cost effective processes for New Product Definition and for Conceptual Design of New Products.

  • Systems Thinking and Beyond

    Course Descriptions

    Holistic thinking is a combination of analysis, systems thinking and critical thinking. After an introduction to systems thinking and critical thinking, Participants will learn how to apply holistic thinking in a systemic and systematic manner to deal with structured and unstructured problems.

  • Live webinar on September 26th, 2018: Accelerate Systems Architecture Design

    Live webinar on September 26th, 2018: Accelerate Systems Architecture Design

    Stop wasting time using a fragmented approach to defining the architecture of your systems!

    Designing the architecture of automotive systems has never been more challenging. This Live webinar will show how you can improve productivity using:

  • MBSE & SysML Introduction

    Course Descriptions

    This course provides the participants a combination of the fundamental and practical aspects of MBSE and SysML. The course first deals with explaining the core concepts of MBSE. Next, several practical exercises are performed to demonstrate the basics for deploying MBSE using SysML without using any specific tool. Finally, the course wraps up with a discussion of the challenges faced when developing and deploying MBSE in real-world applications and how to manage it. Course Pre-requisites: System or software engineering knowledge.

  • COTS Based Systems Engineering (CBSE)

    Course Descriptions

    COTS based System Engineering (CBSE) brings fundamental changes in how Systems Engineers do their work. COTS - Commercial Off-The-Shelf item, can be defined as a non - developmental item (NDI) of supply that is commercial and sold in substantial quantities in the commercial marketplace. Examples of COTS items are: hardware and software assemblies, equipment and subsystems. COTS purchases are alternatives to in-house developments in both the military and commercial domains.

  • MBSE & SysML Intermediate

    Course Descriptions

    This course provides the participants a solid foundation about the fundamental and practical aspects of MBSE and SysML. Participants will learn more about how to interpret and understand SysML models, their elements and how to read their diagrams. Furthermore, the concepts of modeling method based on SysML will be explained in order to demonstrate how SysML can be customized for a particular application domain.

  • SE Foundations

    Course Descriptions

    The Systems Engineering foundations course provides a solid background of the core Systems Engineering discipline. Including learning and practicing the application of Systems Engineering methodologies, enhancing know-how with an interactive workshop and covering detailed use cases.

  • FAEL-Seminar «Automatisierte Mobilität - die Zukunft als Beifahrer »

    7. November 2018, 17.30 –19.30 Uhr, PH Zürich, Raum LAA-G001 (Lagerstrasse 2)
    Nachdem nun auch die VBZ einen selbstfahrenden Bus auf ihrem Werksgelände testet, ist es nur noch eine Frage der Zeit, bis ÖV und Privatverkehr ohne menschliche Einwirkung funktionieren. Über das Wort „Fahrzeuglenker“ werden wir uns dereinst wundern. Während es aber jetzt noch längst nicht so weit ist, bereiten sich alle auf die Zukunft vor.

    Take the opportunity - meet internationally recognised speakers - meet the Swiss Society of Systems Engineering on September 2nd 2019 in Zurich!

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